Installing Oscillot® is easy!

We'll show you how to calculate how many Oscillot® components you'll need. Then you can either install the system yourself, or have it done by us or your local Hire-A-Hubby representative.

How does Oscillot® work?

The Oscillot® System is simple, ingenious, and effective. When your cat tries to climb over the fence, the Oscillot® paddles spin and prevent traction. Oscillot® keeps your feline safe, without turning your yard into a prison.

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Contact us for assistance with measuring your property for an Oscillot® system, ordering components or arranging installation We love cats as much as you do, and we'll help keep yours safe at home.

With Oscillot®, your cat can roam at home – away from traffic and other threats to their safety.

Oscillot® can prevent your cat from climbing over a fence, which not only protects your cat, but also helps to prevent the killing of birds and other wildlife by cats.

Unlike some other types of cat-proof fence, Oscillot® will not make your yard look like a prison! It is compact and unobtrusive.

And, if you move, you can easily take your Oscillot® system with you.

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