CATFENCE is the exclusive New Zealand distributor of PURRFECT FENCE®.

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What is Purrfect Fence®?

Purrfect Fence is the only cat fence with a patented pivoting arched top.

Even when acrobatic “Houdini cats” try to climb upside down, the spring-loaded arm will drop them safely back to the ground.

Why we love Purrfect Fence

  • Suitable for a very wide range of fence types, even chain-link
  • Standard Height Version for fences 1.6 metres or taller
  • Low Fence Version for fences as low as 1 metre
  • Freestanding Version requires no existing fence
  • Easy to install with basic tools – no ropes, cables or tensioners
  • Stainless steel and powdercoated components for long life
  • Sturdy, UV resistant polypropylene mesh (as used in deer fencing)
  • 20 years of success in North America, UK and Germany

So pleased my cats are safe!

I can’t believe how well the Purrfect Fence works to keep my agile cats safely in my yard. After one of my cats was hit by a car in front of my house, I have been struggling with the decision to make my cats indoor or outdoor cats. With the new fence, they get both!

– Kirsten

Purrfect Fence on several types of fence
Purrfect Fence on a timber fence

Purrfect Fence keeps your cat safely at home, away from dangers such as:

  • getting lost or stolen
  • being hit by a vehicle
  • being attacked by another animal
  • being trapped or eating poisoned bait

Designed for easy installation

  • Install it yourself, or get your local handyperson to do it.
  • Use our free consultation service to design your system.
  • Got a tricky area? We can probably suggest a solution!