cat scratch pads/perches

Use these as horizontal or vertical scratching surfaces, or as wall-mounted platforms, steps or bridges.

Fully carpeted in beige or grey.

Available in two standard lengths.
Custom orders welcome!

Made in New Zealand and available exclusively from CATFENCE.NZ

Cat on 92cm scratch pad
53cm cat scratch pad installed as a bridge over a door
Two cat scratch pads, 92 and 53cm long


Lengths up to 150 cm can be shipped anywhere in NZ.

Longer lengths can only be shipped to non-RD addresses.

Cat scratching pad 53cm long

20 x 53 cm

Beige or Grey

Cat Scratching Pad/Post 92cm long

20 x 92 cm

Beige or Grey

Two cat scratch pads, 92 and 53cm long

Custom Sizes

Please enquire

Not fancy, but built to take abuse!

Pads are fully covered with carpet treated with catnip to entice your cat.

We paint the MDF bases before adding carpet so they cannot absorb liquids spilled onto them.

Felix on a 92cm cratch pad


Pads have a 3-year warranty against defects in materials and construction.

Current waiting time
This item will be ready for shipment or collection within 3 weeks of receiving your payment.