Our interest in cat containment systems grew out of our lifelong love of cats.

For several years we have been breeding low-allergen Siberian cats in New Zealand.

As breeding animals, our cats live indoors. But there are other reasons why they don’t go outside. We know that cats who roam have a much shorter life expectancy than indoor cats. And we don’t want our cats getting into fights with other animals, or killing birds.

We do a lot to keep our cats healthy, active, stimulated and happy – and we believe they have a great quality of life.

Based on our experience, we encourage people who buy our kittens to consider keeping them indoors. Nevertheless, we know that most cat owners simply can’t imagine doing that.

Even those who do try to keep their cat safe don’t always succeed. In the space of a few months, we were contacted by two buyers of our kittens to say their cats had been killed in the road.

It’s not as though these people were thoughtless or negligent. They tried to keep their cats safe. One had even resorted to electric fencing and netting – but the cat still got out.

That’s when we decided we needed to do more to help cat owners protect their beloved pets. We heard about the Oscillot® system, and it impressed us in many ways, such as:

  • It’s ingenious but simple
  • It’s very well made from quality materials
  • It’s easy to install
  • It’s almost unnoticeable (unlike the Alcatraz style fencing you’ve probably seen elsewhere)
  • The product and the manufacturer get wonderfully positive reviews, and our experience dealing with Bec at Oscillot in Adelaide was every bit as good as those reviews suggest.

So that’s how we became distributors of Oscillot®, launching our business in September 2015. We are confident this is an outstanding product and we aim to provide the same excellent customer service in New Zealand that Bec and her team have demonstrated in Australia.

If you are thinking of how to keep your cat safely on your property, please contact us for a chat.

Best wishes,

Neil & Judee
Cat Containment Systems
Auckland, New Zealand

Installers wanted

Oscillot® is easy for a DIYer to install, but some people prefer to have it done professionally. If you are interested in becoming an Oscillot® installer, we’d like to hear from you. We are looking for suitable people around the country.