Siberian kittens

About Us

Why cat safety and wellbeing are so important to us

We have always been cat people, and for several years we bred low-allergen Siberian cats in New Zealand. It was wonderful to be able to provide beautiful kittens (see the gorgeous pair above) to families with severe allergies who could not otherwise have a cat.

As intact breeding animals, our cats obviously could not be free-roaming. And now that they are neutered and retired, they are happy to continue as stay-at-home pets.

But there are other reasons why we don’t allow them to roam.

  • We know that cats who roam have a much shorter life expectancy than home cats, due to disease, traffic accidents and getting into fights.
  • Many people get very angry when cats wander into their property, especially their gardens.
  • We don’t want our cats killing birds or other wildlife.

We do a lot to keep our cats healthy, active, stimulated and happy – and we believe they have a great quality of life.

Based on our experience, we encourage people not to let their cats roam.

In 2015 we heard about the Oscillot® system, and it impressed us in many ways, such as:

  • It’s ingenious but simple
  • It’s very well made from quality materials
  • It’s easy to install
  • It’s almost unnoticeable
  • The product and the manufacturer get wonderfully positive reviews.

So that’s how we became the exclusive distributors of Oscillot in New Zealand.

After a few years we decided to add another approach to cat proofing – one that would suit people with different fence types, including quite low fences.

The solution we found was the US-made Purrfect Fence® and we became the exclusive NZ distributor for this line of products in early 2023.

We started with the Purrfect Fence systems for existing fences, and then added the free-standing system for people who have gaps in their fencing or no fence at all.

If you are thinking of how to keep your cat safely on your property, please contact us for a chat.

Best wishes,

Neil & Judee
Auckland, New Zealand