CATFENCE is the exclusive New Zealand distributor of PURRFECT FENCE®.

Purrfect Fence installed on a timber fence
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Requirements when adding Purrfect Fence to existing fences

One of the great things about Purrfect Fence is that you can attach it to just about any fence. It can even raise the height of your fence.

  • Standard Height Version for fences at least 1.6m tall
  • Low Fence Version for fences 1.0 – 1.6m tall
  • Freestanding System requires no existing fence

A catio perhaps?

If your property is large, or you do not have a fence completely enclosing it, you might consider fencing a portion of your property and installing Purrfect Fence to create a cat courtyard, also known as a ‘catio’.

Building a fence?

Most fences in New Zealand are made of timber, but they come in a huge variety of styles.

Purrfect Fence can be installed on just about any type of fence, but here are some things to consider if you’re building a new fence with cat containment in mind. Following this advice will make your Purrfect Fence installation as simple and inexpensive as possible.

1. Make it strong

The fence should not move when you lean on it. Fence posts should be set in concrete.

If your fence looks like this, it’s time for a new one!

falling down fence
Purrfect Fence Short Fence conversion system installed on masonry wall

2. Make it at least 1 metre high

Reason: If your cat can simply jump over the fence, there is probably no system that will contain them!

If you have a Bengal cat or other good jumper, make it 1.3m or more.

If building a fence is not practical, consider the Purrfect Fence Freestanding System.

3. Avoid board-on-board style fences

Sometimes called “Shadow Box” or “Good Neighbour” fences, these use palings on both sides of the fence in an alternating pattern.

Nice to look at, but unfortunately your cat might be able to walk right “through” the fence!

Board on board fence
Fence with planter in front

4. Avoid planter boxes against the fence

Reason: They reduce the effective height of the fence and make it easier for your cat to simply jump over.

Already have a planter box that cannot be moved? The Purrfect Fence Low Fence Version will suit fences that are as little as 1m higher than the planter box.

Purrfect Fence cat proof system on a timber fence

Good fences = good neighbours

Visit the Consumer NZ website to learn about the Fencing Act, and get suggestions on how to work with neighbours when a fence needs to be replaced or upgraded.

Fencing 101: How to avoid falling out with your neighbours