Cat climbing posts


Big and strong

Made in New Zealand

Wide range of models

Developed for our own cats and kittens (see video)

A climbing/scratching post encourages your cat to stretch and climb, while letting them enjoy the sensation of scratching – without damaging your furniture, carpets or window coverings.

Why we decided to build cat climbing posts

1) It’s hard to find a simple, store-bought scratching post that’s tall enough for a cat to stretch. Even if the overall height isn’t too bad, the actual height that a cat can use is often quite limited, due to the complexity of the post (too many perches, steps, ladders, etc.).

Our posts, by contrast, are extremely simple and big – ranging from 1.2m to 1.8m tall. In our cattery we have seen the tiniest kittens bound straight to the top of tall posts – they love being able to climb!

2) Store-bought scratching posts are often overly complicated, poorly built and quite expensive.

We’ve bought many climbing/scratching posts over the years. In our experience, they may look nice in the store, but the cats often have them shredded in a matter of months.

We decided to design and build scratching posts for our cattery. When our customers saw ours, they wanted them too, so now we offer a variety of models, shown below.


Small posts

They may be small compared to our other models, but they’re bigger than most commonly available scratching posts

Basic Cat Climbing Post


1.2m tall
Compact cat climbing post


1.5m tall
1.5m Combi Cat Climbing Post


1.5m tall, heavy-duty

Super series

Base: 600×600

Platform(s): 460×295

Recommended for cats up to 5kg

SUPER-1 cat climbing post


1.8m tall
Super-2 Cat Climbing Post


1.8m tall
SUPER-3 cat climbing post


1.8m tall

Mega series

Base: 700×700

Platform(s): 550×340

Recommended for cats up to 6kg

Mega-1 Cat Climbing Post


1.8m tall
MEGA-2 cat climbing post


1.8m tall
Mega 3 Cat Climbing Post


1.8m tall

Maxi series

Super strong, for really big cats, such as Maine Coons, up to 10kg

Base: 700×700

Platforms: 550x340x18

Buttress construction

Low centre of gravity for extra stability

Maxi-2 cat climbing post


1.3m tall, heavy-duty
Maxi-3 Cat Climbing Post


1.8m tall, heavy-duty

Not fancy, but built to take abuse!

All our posts are solid timber, with MDF bases (the weight adds to stability) and lightweight plywood platforms. Posts are covered with carpet treated with catnip to entice your cat.

We paint the bases before adding carpet so they cannot absorb liquids spilled onto them or onto the floor.

Cat scratching on climbing post

Cats love our climbing posts

“The scratching post we bought from you is absolutely fabulous. Saffy hasn’t even looked at our furniture since the post arrived, and loves to sleep and play on it. She supervises our dinner time from there most nights.”
– Rebecca, owner of a Super 1 climbing post


All our posts have a one-year warranty against defects in materials and construction. After a few years of constant use, your climbing post may start to look a bit ragged, at which time we are happy to quote on replacing the carpet and manila rope. The rest of the post should last indefinitely.

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