Scratch Pad/Perch 92

20cm x 92cm


      including GST

Cat scratching pads can be used loose on the floor or furniture, mounted vertically on a wall, or used to create perches, steps or bridges (such as over a door as shown). Let your creativity run wild!


Our cat scratching pads are solidly built in Auckland. We offer two standard sizes, but can also quote on custom sizes.

They do not come with mounting hardware. If you want to attach to a wall, we suggest using small shelf brackets, available from any hardware store.

Mounting above a door, as shown, is normally quite easy as there will be a timber header spanning the doorway behind the wall lining.

Width: Approx 20cm including carpet
Thickness: Approx 4.5cm including carpet
Length: Approx 92cm including carpet
Weight: 2.7kg
Carpet: Specially treated with catnip
Core: 18mm MDF, painted so that it will not absorb spills

Why we think our scratch pads/perches are simply the best

They are built BIG (so your cat can stretch while scratching) and STRONG (they take the abuse so that your furniture doesn’t). We don’t use cardboard or cheap fabric coverings which your cat can shred in a few months. Bases are painted (so they cannot absorb liquid) before being fully carpeted.

Made for you

Our workshop in Auckland is very small, so all scratch pads/perches are made to order. Please check the current waiting time (shown in the yellow box on this page).


Our pads have a 3-year warranty against defects in materials and construction. After a few years of constant use, they may start to look a bit ragged, at which time we are happy to quote on replacing the carpet.

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