1.5m cat climbing post

Our Compact climbing post has the same platform as our Super series, but a smaller base and shorter post. It’s still bigger than most! Recommended for cats up to 5kg.
Compact cat climbing post
Solidly built in New Zealand, the Compact climbing post is designed for smaller homes.

Similar to our Super-1 post, it features a heavy base for stability, an upper platform and a wrapping of manila rope.

Dimensions in millimetres:

  • Height overall: 1500
  • Platform height: 1200
  • Base: 600 x 520 x 18 MDF (sealed so it won’t absorb spilled liquids)
  • Post: 1480 x 90 x 70 kiln-dried pine
  • Platform: 460 x 280 x 12 plywood
  • Carpet: Treated with catnip
  • Rope: Genuine manila, covering 450mm of the post
  • Assembled weight: 14kg
  • Shipping dimensions (sent in 2 packages):
    630 x 550 x 80 x 7.5kg
    1500 x 100 x 80 x 7.5kg

See also: our heavy-duty 1.5m Combi model.

Why we think these posts are simply the best

Our posts may not be the prettiest climbing posts but they are built BIG (so your cat can stretch while scratching) and STRONG (they take the abuse so that your furniture doesn’t). We don’t use cardboard or cheap fabric coverings which your cat can shred in a few months.

Quick assembly

Posts are shipped with fasteners and tool, and take only a few minutes to assemble.

If you’re picking up your post from us in Auckland, we can assemble it, or partially assemble it, for you. Just let us know on the order form.

Made for you

Our workshop in Auckland is very small, so all posts are made to order. Your post will be ready within three weeks of receiving your payment (minimum $100 deposit required when placing order).


Our posts have a one-year warranty against defects in materials and construction. After a few years of constant use, your climbing post may start to look a bit ragged, at which time we are happy to quote on replacing the carpet and manila rope. The rest of the post should last indefinitely.


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Compact cat climbing post
Cat on Compact climbing post
“I bought a fantastic scratching post that my cat absolutely loves. Great size being tall, without taking up too much floor space. He loves climbing up and down like a tree, scratching all over it and sleeping on the top shelf.”

– Steph, owner of a Compact cat climbing post