CATFENCE is the exclusive New Zealand distributor of the OSCILLOT® system.

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Photos of Oscillot® installations

Oscillot is easy to install and looks great on any type of fence.

Check out the photos below for ideas on using Oscillot in your own backyard!

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Top-mounted on timber fences

This is the most common way to install an Oscillot system.

Face-mounted on timber fences

This method is ideal if your fence has posts that extend above the top rail, which would require cutting Oscillot paddles and using extra Oscillot dual knuckle posts. It also keeps the Oscillot system out of sight from neighbouring property.

Steel and aluminium fences

When ordering, let us know if you have an aluminium or steel fence and we’ll provide the appropriate self-tapping screws to attach your Oscillot posts to the fence.


We can supply brackets when it is desired to position the Oscillot paddles farther away from the fence (for greater deterrence) or to work around obstacles. Learn more about brackets.

Clear acrylic

Low fences may require the addition of acrylic or other material to achieve the minimum recommended height of 1.8m.

Acrylic can also be used to prevent your cat jumping from heat pumps, tanks, etc.

Aluminium wrapping

You can attach thin aluminium sheet around trees, fence posts, fence-mounted clotheslines, etc. to prevent your cat climbing to a position where it could jump over your fence.