How to measure for the Oscillot cat fence system

Need help planning your Oscillot® system?


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CATFENCE is the exclusive New Zealand distributor of the OSCILLOT® system.

To start, you will need these items:

  • Pencil and paper
  • Tape measure
  • Camera (a cellphone camera is fine)
paper and pencil
tape measure
sample plan

Sketch a plan

A “plan” is a bird’s-eye view of your cat’s area. It doesn’t have to be to scale but it does need to show all the fences where you’ll install Oscillot, and the length of each.

The example here was sent to us by a customer, and it’s great. Each length of fence has been measured, including the gate at lower right.

(Please check that ALL your fences are at least 1.8m tall. If some portions are not, please show the heights of those portions on your plan.)

Take photos

Start at the left-hand end of your Oscillot system (in the plan above it would be the bottom left corner where the fence meets the house) and take photos of your fence, ideally showing from the ground to the top of the fence.

Continue taking photos, overlapping slightly, all the way around to the right-hand end.

Fence with planter box

Email us your plan and your photos

  • If you are able to reduce them to approximately 800 pixels wide, you can probably attach them all to an email.
  • If there are too many large files, you may need to send them in small batches so they are not rejected by your email service (or ours). Alternatively, you can use to send them to us.

Our email address is

We’ll email you a list of what to order

We’ll also let you know what it will cost.

And we’ll include a plan showing our recommended placement of the Oscillot posts, and how to use the offcut paddles most efficiently.

marked plan
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