Since the introduction of new cat containment regulations last August, the City of Whittlesea, Australia has seen positive benefits for cats, the community and wildlife, reports the North Central Review.

“In just the first six months of the new regulations coming into effect, the number of complaints relating to cats received by council has decreased by 70 per cent from 2022 totals.”

All cats in the city, 40km northeast of Melbourne, must be confined to their owner’s property or under effective control when outside. Additionally, all newly registered cats must be desexed.

These measures were endorsed by the Council as part of the Domestic Animal Management Plan 2021-2025. Recognising the significant change for cats and their owners, the Council provides support and information, including educational materials, videos, and practical advice for a smooth transition away from free-roaming.

While educating the community on cat containment remains a priority for the Council, since the beginning of February, cat owners who who do not comply with the new regulations may face penalties of AU$96 for a cat that is roaming, and AU$384 for a cat that has not been desexed.

Pictured: The Oscillot system of cat-proof paddles (or “rollers”) is a popular choice for Australian cat owners wishing to keep their cats safely contained.