If you’ve been considering an Oscillot® cat fence system, we have lots of exciting news for you:

1. Our latest shipment has just arrived from the manufacturer and we are once again able to offer black paddles in addition to our customary grey and merino.

2. We have changed the way we sell Oscillot in New Zealand. You can now buy your Oscillot system as a kit to cover a specific length of fence. These kits range from 2 metres (that’s one paddle plus two posts) all the way up to 100 metres. Here’s the full range.

3. Our Buy page has been updated to reflect this change and make it even easier to work out your requirements.

4. You can now shop online and pay by credit card (with no surcharge) or bank transfer.

5. Our prices now include GST.

6. And, to top it off, we have reduced the price of all products. On the larger kits, that means savings of hundreds of dollars. (If you’ve purchased from us recently, don’t worry, you paid the new lower prices!)

Whew, that’s a lot of changes!

We hope this makes it even easier to add Oscillot to your yard, and keep your cats safe at home.

Yes, we still offer our famous no-cost, no-obligation advice gained through years of experience in keeping cats safe!

And our free shipping offer applies to all orders over $500 including GST.