Kiwi Gardener (“the magazine for gardeners who like to get their hands dirty”) has picked up on the cat-proof gardens trend.

Writing in a recent issue, Molly Kelsey looks at the best ways to keep your cat safely in your garden (while keeping other cats out).

Molly, aka the Cat Counsellor, shares our belief that contained cats are happiest when they have a rich environment including the things they enjoy. As she says:

  • Cats love mint, honeysuckle and catnip. Plant some in a soil bed away from plants you don’t want dug up or slept on.
  • Solid A-frame plant trellises can make great climbing structures for cats. Make sure they are stable, with no loose nails, and won’t tip over.
  • Consider added hiding places such as crates that can be hidden with ground cover plants overtop.
  • Ensure there is a nice sunny spot for sunbathing and other important jobs. Some cats will appreciate a dedicated outdoor litterbox – this can help reduce them using your garden beds.

Thanks Molly for a timely and useful article – and for helping let cat owners know that cats can be safe and happy at home (with help from 🙂