Free-roaming cat shot in Christchurch

A selection of cat attack headlines on, 28 Sep 2018

A selection of cat attack headlines on, 28 Sep 2018

We rarely post on this blog about cases of cruelty to cats – either the reports we see in the news or the stories told to us personally by people who have had their cat threatened, injured or killed.

There are a lot of these cases in New Zealand, and we don’t want to turn the blog into a weekly “crime report.”

But we believe that cat owners need to know that allowing their pets to roam freely makes them vulnerable to assault.

So, once in a while, we mention one of these cases as a reminder to all cat owners, that one of the best things you can do for your cat is to keep it safe, by keeping it at home.

Last weekend, an 11-year-old free-roaming cat in Christchurch was shot in the leg. With a gun. In the city, for goodness sake. This was a family pet, who has now had her leg amputated.

She is lucky that this was a non-lethal wound. The next cat might not be.

There are, after all, people who take offence when a roaming cat wanders through their garden. And there are other who simply seem to enjoy hurting animals.

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28 Sept 2018