Catios, cat fences and the rise of the ‘cat containment’ industry is the headline on an article by Rob Stock published today on, New Zealand’s most popular news site.

Rob interviewed Neil, our managing director, about the Oscillot cat fence system, and it was clear that Rob had done his research. He was aware of the different approaches to cat containment as well as some of the advantages and disadvantages of each.

We talked about purpose-built catios, which may be great for people with lots of space, but which are less practical with the very small yards that we are seeing in many new housing developments. In these situations, every square metre of garden is precious, so being able to use the space for multiple purposes as well as cat containment is an appealing solution.

This has been our busiest year since starting six years ago, and we are sensing a general increase among cat owners of the advantages to keeping their beloved pet contained.