Cats that do not roam need other forms of exercise and stimulation.

1.9m Super Scratcher Deluxe Climbing Post

1.9m Super Scratcher Deluxe

A climbing/scratching post encourages your cat to stretch and climb, while letting them enjoy the sensation of scratching – without damaging your furniture, carpets or window coverings.

We built scratching posts for our cattery, and we had so many requests from our customers that we began offering them for sale too. We now offer three types of climbing post, all of which are made to order and reasonably priced.

Why do we make climbing/scratching posts?

Climbing kitten1) It’s hard to find a simple, store-bought scratching post that’s tall enough for a cat to stretch. Even if the overall height isn’t too bad, the actual height that a cat can use is often quite limited, due to the complexity of the post (too many perches/steps/ladders, etc.).

Our posts, by contrast, are extremely simple and big – ranging from 1.2m to 1.9m tall. In our cattery we have seen the tiniest kittens bound straight to the top of tall posts – they love being able to climb!

2) Store-bought scratching posts are often overly complicated, poorly built and extremely expensive.

We’ve bought many climbing/scratching posts over the years. In our experience, they may look nice in the store, but the cats often have them shredded in a matter of months.

Our posts aren’t fancy, but they are built to be abused!

  • We use solid kiln-dried timber, with a thick MDF base (the weight of the base contributes to stability) and a lightweight plywood upper platform. We cover our scratching posts in carpet which has been saturated with catnip.
  • As an extra precaution we paint the bases before adding the carpet so they cannot absorb any liquids spilled onto them or onto the floor.

1.2m Deluxe cat climbing post

1.2m Deluxe Post

We currently offer these cat scratching posts:

1.2m tall Basic Post
75mm x100mm post with carpet (but no rope) on a 550mm x 550mm base
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1.2m tall Deluxe Post
75mm x100mm post with a wrapping of genuine manilla rope on a 550mm x 550mm base (pictured at left)
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1.9m tall Super Scratcher Deluxe Post
75mm x 100mm post with a wrapping of genuine manilla rope on a 600mm x 600mm base with a platform near the top (photo above)
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For BIG cats, such as Maine Coons:
1.9m tall Mega Scratcher Deluxe Post
75mm x 100mm post with a wrapping of genuine manilla rope on a 700mm x 700mm base with a platform near the top
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Custom-designed posts
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How to order
Simply open and print this order form and send it to us.

Scratching posts aren’t just for scratching…

They’re also for climbing, as Alfie and Ariana demonstrate on this old model 2m-tall post (our current posts are much nicer):

Our posts are built to order, using all-new materials. They may not be the prettiest climbing posts but they are built BIG (so your cat can stretch while scratching) and STRONG (they take the abuse so that your furniture doesn’t). We don’t use cheap fabric coverings which your cat can shred in a few months.

All our posts have a one-year warranty against defects in materials and construction. After a few years of constant use, your climbing post may start to look a bit ragged, at which time we are happy to quote on replacing the carpet and manilla rope. The rest of the post should last indefinitely.