Oscillot Bracket


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Brackets enable the Oscillot system to be positioned farther away from the fence, increasing the deterrent effect.


If you have a timber fence (which cats can easily climb) and a very agile cat, we recommend using these brackets to position the Oscillot system a little farther away from the fence.

You would ordinarily order one bracket for each of your Oscillot dual knuckle posts.

Brackets can also be useful in other situations where a bit of offset is required. The angle can be adjusted if necessary to suit your situation.

Brackets are black powdercoated steel and can be cut at the bend to make "extenders" which can be useful in various situations (see the photos for an example).

Each bracket comes with two stainless steel machine screws and two stainless steel nylock nuts to attach the post to the bracket.

For further information, please refer to the installation instructions.


Oscillot bracket used as an extender

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