Oscillot Dog Fence Dual Post


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A Dual Post connects two Oscillot paddles to each other, and is also needed at the end of each straight line run of fencing.

This kit is for DOG/CAT fencing, and includes aluminium axles for additional strength.

Our DIY Oscillot kits include dual posts, so why might you need more?

  • Two are required at each corner of your yard, so if you have lots of corners you may need extra posts.
  • If you are attaching Oscillot to a gate, you will need at least two dual knuckle posts on the gate, and possibly an extra post on each side of the gate, depending on how your paddle cutting works out.

We recommend visiting our How to Buy Oscillot page to work out the total number of posts you'll need. Then check how many posts are included in the Oscillot kit(s) you wish to purchase, to know how many extra posts you'll need.

Each Dual Post comes with two axles, two swivel mounting balls, two mounting screws and one cap locking screw. Because some posts will only be supporting one paddle, you will have a few axle pins and swivel balls left over - handy in case you drop some in the garden!

For further information, please refer to the installation instructions.


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