Happy New Year everyone.

Despite all the challenges of the past two years we have seen steadily growing interest from cat owners in keeping their pets safe and happy at home. 2021 was actually our best year ever, so we feel very fortunate indeed.

And, we have some exciting news. We have just received out latest shipment of OscillotĀ® cat fencing from the manufacturer, and we are now able to offer Monument Grey paddles (sometimes known as Gunmetal or Gun Metal grey). That’s the colour shown at the top of this page.

These are significantly darker grey than the Woodland Grey (also known as Slate Grey) paddles we have sold for many years. Many customers have asked for a darker colour, so we hope these will prove popular.

Unfortunately, the old Woodland Grey paddles are currently out of stock with the manufacturer and we have only limited supplies in New Zealand. Please contact us if you are interested in the lighter grey and we’ll see what we can do, but this colour will probably become unavailable for a few months at least.

We also have a new webpage showing the colours available. This has been a real challenge, however, as it is very difficult to show colours accurately on a computer or mobile phone screen. So much depends on the characteristics of the screen, the brightness, the viewing angle, etc. We think the grey colours shown on the webpage are pretty close, but Merino seems to vary quite a lot depending on the user’s device. On some screens it looks pink, on others it looks orange, but it is neither of those!

If you are in Auckland, you are welcome to come and look at colours. We can also send small samples.