Exciting news for the big cats of New Zealand: today we unveiled a heavy duty cat climbing post designed to handle the feline heavyweights.

The Maxi-3 is based on our popular Mega-3 post, with the same large base and spacious platforms. But we’ve strengthened it to so that cats up to 10kg can enjoy climbing, stretching and scratching – without attacking your furniture.

Smaller cats love it too, as you can see from the photo above. Hoku and Felix were impatient for me to attach the base so they could start testing this new model in our kitchen (that’s their job around here).

So, what’s so special about the Maxi-3?

Maxi-3 Cat Climbing Post

Testing going well on the new Maxi-3

Well, quite a few things:

The 3 platforms are 17mm thick plywood (our other posts use 12mm plywood) so they can handle more weight without sagging.

The attachment of the pole to the base is much more rigid, because of a larger attachment area created by buttressing the bottom of the pole. This means the pole will sway very little if a large cat jumps from other furniture onto the top platform.

The centre of gravity is lower than our other posts, because of the extra mass at the bottom of the pole, plus the platforms are set lower and the entire pole is 100mm shorter (1.8m instead of 1.9m). Another benefit: the slightly shorter pole means we can ship this heavier, beefier cat post for the same shipping charges as a Mega series post!

This really is a very solid post. It’s heavy, weighing about 26kg and we recommend having two people assemble and erect it.

Like all our cat climbing posts, the Maxi-3 is individually hand-made in Auckland using all-new materials: kiln-dried timber, plywood, MDF, carpet and manila rope. The base is painted before carpeting so it cannot absorb liquid.

The Maxi-3 can be ordered with a grey or beige pole. The platforms and base are grey.

We’re really proud of this addition to our lineup of quality cat posts. Here’s more information about it.

Please contact us if you have any questions.