New Zealand Listener cover

The current edition of the news magazine New Zealand Listener has a cover story about the impact of free-roaming domestic cats on native birds.

The article also refers to the dangers that roaming cats face:

Victoria University research by Wayne Linklater and colleagues surveyed 172 vets in 2015 about the reasons animals were brought in for treatment. Nearly all of them reported treating cats at least once a week with injuries from fights with other cats; 73% reported treating cats hit by cars at least once a month; and 35% reported treating cats at least once a month for dog-inflicted injuries.

Responsible cat owners can help protect native birds – and keep their pets safe and healthy at the same time – by not letting them roam.

While some people will choose to keep their cat indoors, others may prefer to give their cat freedom to enjoy their own backyard using an Oscillot cat fence system.

24 August 2016