The Oscillot® System is a safe and effective way to prevent your cat from climbing over your fences, provided that it is installed correctly on suitable fences.

Please check that your fences meet the following requirements:

  • At least 1.8m high (If not, you may be able to increase the height slightly using clear polycarbonate or trellis. See our special situations photos)
  • In good condition (Oscillot® needs a solid and stable platform to ensure that the paddles spin freely if your cat attempts to climb over)
  • Continuous (no gaps) for the entire perimeter of the area where you cat will roam
  • No openings in the fence, or gaps under the fence, large enough for your cat to escape

Please also check that your cat cannot jump over the Oscillot® System:

  • Are there trees that your cat could climb to get over the fence? You may need to prune trees, or band them with aluminium to prevent climbing.
  • Are there overhanging roofs, trellises or other objects that provide an alternative route over the fence? Be sure to consider any temporary objects such as barbecues or vehicles parked near the fence.

If your fence doesn’t meet these standards, and cannot be upgraded easily, why not consider fencing just a portion of your property and installing an Oscillot® System to make a safe catio (a cat courtyard). Often this can be done using an existing deck or patio.