Mega Scratcher Double Platform Cat Climbing Post

Our Mega Scratcher Double Cat Climbing Post is designed for households with multiple large cats, such as Maine Coons!

Solidly built, it features a large and heavy MDF base for stability, two upper platforms and a wrapping of genuine manila rope.

Apart from having a second platform, it is identical to the Mega Scratcher post.

  • Base: 700mm x 700mm x 18mm MDF (painted so it will not absorb spilled liquids)
  • Post: 75mm x 100mm x 1.9m kiln-dried pine
  • Platforms: 550mm x 320mm x 12mm plywood
  • Carpet: Specially treated with catnip
  • Rope: 8mm genuine manila, covering 600mm of the post
  • Assembled weight: 21 kg
  • Shipping weight (sent in 2 packages):
    a) 0.65m x 0.65m x 0.07m x 10.5kg
    b) 2.0m x 0.13m x 0.11m x 9.5kg

Price: $390 including GST, if picked up in Auckland, or we can ship throughout New Zealand. Please contact us for shipping costs.

Our posts are built to order, using all-new materials. They may not be the prettiest climbing posts but they are built BIG (so your cat can stretch while scratching) and STRONG (they take the abuse so that your furniture doesn’t). We don’t use cheap fabric coverings which your cat can shred in a few months.


All our posts have a one-year warranty against defects in materials and construction. After a few years of constant use, your climbing post may start to look a bit ragged, at which time we are happy to quote on replacing the carpet and manila rope. The rest of the post should last indefinitely.

How to order

Simply open and print this order form and send it to us.

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