Do I need to use brackets?

The optional Oscillot brackets give lots of flexibility, but are not required in most installations. Here are some ideas about how and when to use brackets, starting with the “no brackets” method.

Method 1: Without brackets

In the simplest installations, Oscillot posts are attached directly to the fence, without brackets.

A. Oscillot can be attached directly to the TOP of the fence, like this:

Oscillot posts screwed onto the top of the fence, without brackets

B. Oscillot can be attached directly to the FACE of the fence, like this.

Oscillot posts screwed to the face of the fence, without brackets

Method 2: With brackets

In other cases, it is is advisable or necessary to use brackets, which can be installed in several ways, such as:

Some of the ways to use Oscillot brackets

Example of an installation using brackets

On this fence it would have been difficult to place Oscillot on top, due to the fence posts protruding above the top rail.

Fence with posts extending above top rail

  • Having to stop the Oscillot at each post, and then start it again on the other side of the post, requires many more Oscillot posts
  • Depending on the spacing of the fence posts, there may be more short lengths of Oscillot paddle needed, meaning more waste, and even more Oscillot posts required
  • The Oscillot will not be continuous, meaning your cat may be able to climb straight up a post and escape between the Oscillot paddles, unless you use other methods to discourage climbing, such as using metal sheathing on the posts

Solution: In this example, Oscillot posts could have been fastened directly to the FACE of the fence in order to have a continuous run. But, because some of the paddles in another area had to be mounted on top of the fence (to provide clearance for an opening gate as explained in the next section), we used brackets so that all the paddles would be at the same height. This looked much nicer.

Brackets uses to position the Oscillot paddles inboard of the fence posts

In summary: Brackets give you options in tricky situations, but are not needed in most installations.

Special considerations with gates

When using brackets (or direct face mounting), pay special attention to any gates in corners that open inward. You may need to install Oscillot on top of the gate and fence near the gate, even if using brackets elsewhere, in order to prevent the Oscillot paddles on the gate and fence from hitting each other when the gate is opened.

Oscillot on brackets (left) transitioning to Oscillot on top, in order to allow room for a gate to open.

Oscillot mounted inboard on brackets (left) transitioning to Oscillot on top, in order to allow room for a gate to open.